The Institute of Professional Organisers: The IOPO exists to serve our Members within the Professional Organising industry in Australasia and beyond. This industry is predominantly SME's, which is why our main objective is providing an opportunity for those Organisers to be part of something bigger. The IOPO provides benefits to its Members including an online business directory which assists prospective clients to find the right Organiser to suit their needs, along with development and education opportunities for business growth. If you would like to find out more, please contact us

Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the actions of continuous improvement, the reinvestment of funds for the development of the IOPO to provide Accreditation, Professional Development options and further research into industry related issues.

Advisory Board: The structure of the IOPO is an Advisory Board Members who are all IOPO Professional Organisers and business owners. We believe that by seeking excellence from inside the industry, we are able to deliver the services that meet the needs of our Members.

Introducing IOPO's Advisory Board members:

Sarah Cottman

Sarah Cottman, CEO and founder of the Institute of Professional Organisers. She owns Heavenly Order and knows that anybody can learn to become organised. Born in England, she found herself in Australia, caught a good ‘un & stayed. An avid tea drinking, nervous motorbike riding, gun skiing (ahem) mother of 3, she's happiest travelling & telling people she’s an Organiser with ADHD.
She believes that for the industry to grow and thrive, it must be built by those who not only have passion for what they do but also have vision & strategy for professional excellence. Sarah is looking forward to steering the IOPO to provide an inclusive, encouraging culture, building strong networks and a supportive, educational platform for all Organisers. Contact

Susanne Thiebe 

Susanne Thiebe created LessMess, a de-cluttering, organising and education business, in 2006. She was born and educated in Germany, has an Engineering degree in Interior Architecture and is an award winning gardener.
Over the years, she turned a part time business into a full time one and lately added public education to the mix. As a highlight this year, she will speak at the world’s largest conference on happiness and wellbeing to an audience of 1500 about living a simpler life.
“On the IOPO board I want to make a positive difference to all members enabling sustainable, satisfying, profitable businesses”. Contact

Rebecca Mezzino

Adelaide’s Rebecca Mezzino is a Declutter Coach and has been running Clear Space with her husband, Mick, since 2006. Their mission is to help people downsize and simplify their lives by having a positive and intentional relationship with their belongings.
Along with her hands-on coaching, Rebecca is a sought-after media source, speaker and trainer on hoarding awareness and intervention, and simplifying life through decluttering. She’s also a mother, geek, amateur sculptor, master detangler and rock-climber.
Being on the IOPO board excites Rebecca because she is passionate about the organising industry and how it changes lives for the better every day. Contact

Beverley Scheepers

Beverley Scheepers is the founder of Home And Life Organising (HALO), working with families to get their homes and lives organised. HALO also incorporates Beverley’s two other passions - HALObaby (being one of the only Professional Organisers in Australia to have specialised in working with expectant and new mothers, aka a "Baby Planner") and HALObiz (putting her 13 years' corporate IT project experience to good use, working with small home-based business owners to help them get their systems and processes organised). She is also a mum, self-published author, public speaker, and chocolate connoisseur.
She brings her technological expertise and passion for education to the IOPO table and is extremely excited about the future of the Professional Organising industry in Australia. Contact

Linda Eagleton

Linda Eagleton is a native Sydneysider, founder of Creative Surrounds home & office organising, and Chief Problem Solver.
In her previous incarnation she was an energetic and creative Project Manager and Marketing professional. A born organiser, she is passionate about the industry, working in both the private and public sector, via speaking engagements, and collaborates with several charities. Linda is also a wife, mother and self-proclaimed ‘craft nerd’!
Through her role in the IOPO, Linda aims to provide thought leadership and make a positive impact by promoting the industry, highlighting its professional nature and members achievements. Contact

Carolyn Verhoef:

Carolyn Verhoef’s life purpose is to lead change for Living with Less and Experiencing More. Founder of Outside the Box Organisation Solutions in 2007, she uses a unique holistic approach to organising, clearing the physical, mental and emotional clutter. She attributes skills to past experiences as Chef and Manager in hospitality and retail industries.
Carolyn is certified in Mental Health First Aid, Life Purpose Coaching and has been awarded Top 100 Influential Small Business in Perth.
“As part of the IOPO I see the opportunity to be part of building stronger more sustainable PO businesses, creating inclusive culture, while expanding the knowledge base of the industry”. Contact

Jennifer Manefield
Jennifer Manefield is a creative problem solver, intensely curious, passionate about colour and learning. She realises our mental state affects our relationship with our possessions and how we manage them. Hoarding, Motivational Interviewing, Dementia and Project Management are just some of the areas she continues to explore. Rapidly evolving changes in Australia’s Disability and Aged Care sectors give her great scope as a Decluttering Specialist to help people achieve new outcomes and move forward with their life, through her business Jennifer's Decluttering Solutions.
To the IOPO, in the Research and Development role, she brings enthusiastic support for growth and innovation in the Professional Organising and Decluttering sphere. Contact

We are proud to be a gold certified skilled workplace. Each one of our Advisory Board Members are Mental Health First Aid trained and Certified. 

In 2015, Mental Health First Aid Australia launched the Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplaces Initiative to recognise and reward the many workplaces across Australia that are doing wonderful work in increasing mental health literacy by rolling out MHFA Courses for employees. The Skilled Workplaces Initiative will continue to be assessed to make it more accessible to and inclusive of workplaces of varying sizes.

We advocate getting skilled in this area and currently have exclusive courses, for Professional Organisers, in most capital cities. See more here. Read the IOPO International Anti-Bullying policy here

IOPO International: As well as our Advisory Board Members on the ground in Australasia, we are delighted have Members you can contact across the globe to find out more about how you can become part of the Institute of Professional Organisers.

Karen Koedding: Owner of A Little Elf,
based in New York, USA.

Hilde Verdijk: Owner of Yourganize,
based in Eindhoven NL.


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