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Outside the Box Organisation Solutions
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WA, Perth
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  • Business Organising
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  • Downsizing
  • Hands-on Decluttering
  • Hands-on Organising
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  • Organising Blogger
  • Organising Coaching
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  • Time Management
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Holistic Decluttering and Organising
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Hi I’m Carolyn Verhoef.
I created Outside the Box Organisation Solutions in 2007. Our mission is to help you to live with less clutter, stress, wasted time and internal clutter so that you can experience more life, enjoyment and purpose.

We do this through one to one organising coaching, workshop programs, smart outside the box products and books.

I love to share the living with less and experiencing more message with groups and I'm available for public speaking engagements and workshops designed to suit your organisation.

What I love about helping people get organised is the freedom and clarity this brings to help you live the life you truly want. 

What I realised early on is that helping people get organised is more than creating beautiful spaces and putting things away in boxes. The only way to create organisation and calm in our lives permanently is to look at what occurs Outside the Box. That is your habits, your systems, your unique logic and sometimes your emotional attachment to things.

Outside the Box Organisation Solutions has been awarded the Top 100 Influential Small Business Award 2016. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships in the community and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

I have completed the Mental Health First Aid Certificate and I'm committed to supporting people to achieve strong mental health and wellbeing.

I look forward to assisting you at any stage of your organised life. We offer complete confidentiality and pride ourselves on not making judgements. This is your journey our aim is to reach your chosen goals not the expectations of anyone else.

Infinite peace and gratitude,

Registered Business Office: 2/6-8 Waterloo Street, NARRABEEN NSW 2101

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