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NZ PO Insurance - 3 month policy

3 month policy
The IOPO offers an exclusive and bespoke industry-specific Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policy to safeguard your professional reputation, your business and its future growth.

Why choose this Policy?

Partnering with Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers, the IOPO has worked intensively to ensure a highly competitively priced policy that is tailor-made for the Organising Industry.

Do you give advice to your clients either in person or via online platforms? Do you work for governement agencies or private clients that demand insurance?

Too often we meet people who do not have adequate insurance as they feel it is expensive or unnecessary.

Without both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance you are too exposed!

Who can access this policy?

All Professional Organisers, Decluttering Specialists, Organising Coaches, Personal Concierges and Productivity Specialists working in New Zealand who are Members of the IOPO

Professional Organising Businesses who employ up to five full- or part-time workers

This policy is not available through any other channel and is exclusive to the IOPO.

Bespoke PO Insurance, BL & PI, 01/04/24-30/06/24
Discounted member price: 341.00
You could save: 29.4%
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