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Attended by the most number of attendees at any organising conference held in Australasia, with delegates from 7 different countries

  • 18th to 20th March 2021:  IOPO delivered the first ever live broadcast Conference
  • 18th March 2021:  Day 1 of Conference involved Allied Health Professionals and those working with Domestic Environmental Neglect
  • 7th April 2021:  Expansion of Connection Events online, Covid-19 was not going away.
  • 5th May 2021: We celebrated 5 years on with 150 Members
  • 6th May 2021:  Started the search for another website platform as we had outgrown current platform, again
  • 9th June 2021:  Publishing Connection Room education for Members to add to the Resource Library
  • 11th August 2021:  Work started on the new website to provide a self serve style for our Members. This included automatic calculation of PD points.
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