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IOPO Membership Terms & Conditions of Sale



You are purchasing a 12 month exclusive access to an IOPO International membership which can be paid in 1 lump sum for each Membership type or, in the case of Professional Membership only, 1 lump sum OR 1 amount spread over 12 monthly payments. All new applicants are charged the Membership Fee and an Application Fee of $50. This is a 1 time fee charged when applying for Membership. After this, your renewal will be due by your Anniversary Date, providing your Membership Fee is paid with the grace period (14 days).

In the event that the monthly payments are cancelled, for any reason, an invoice for the remaining amount will be issued within 14 days and will be due immediately.

We reserve the right to reject Membership Applications at our own discretion.

This exclusive access entitles you to all the benefits set out in the Member Benefits table, for your Membership type. IOPO Membership is to an individual person and is not transferrable. Use of the website is subject to terms of use. Membership of the IOPO is subject to agreeing to The IOPO Code of Practice.



All Renewals must be paid by your Anniversary Date. All Renewals after the grace period (14 days) will be treated as a new application and will therefore attract the application fee.

Renewal of Membership is under the same Terms & Conditions of new Membership.

We reserve the right to reject Membership renewals at our own discretion. 



The IOPO International does not refund for change of mind purchases. 


In the event that your Membership is cancelled due to a breach of The IOPO Code of Practice, there will be no refund.



Cooling Off Period

We understand that unexpected circumstances can arise after committing to your purchase, and we are happy to provide a 48hr cooling off period: 

  • Where notice is received, in writing to [email protected], up to 48 hrs after commitment, a full refund of the amount paid for Membership will be given, no questions asked. There will be no refund of the application fee.
  • In the event that purchases have been made, during the cooling-off period,  at ‘Member Only Prices’, for example, PO Insurance, an invoice will be issued for the difference to equal the Non Member Price.
  • No refund will be given after 48hrs of purchase.


This policy is subject to change without notice and does not overrule the NSW Fair Trading Consumer law, under which all sales are made by The IOPO International.



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