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Welcome to your pathway for growth as a Professional Organiser

Develop the skills, knowledge and insights that will grow your career and business. The IOPO Professional Development promise is to bring you affordable, quality training that speaks to your career and business goals.


You have access to two avenues of Training:

  1. The IOPO Signature Courses that are developed specifically for the Organising Industry by The IOPO
  2. The IOPO Partnership Courses that are delivered by trainers and experts with established and recognised training that offers great benefit to a Professional Organiser


The IOPO Training Room

Online, on-demand courses that you can start immediately. To see all the IOPO online courses, and see curriculum, go to the Training Room.

Alternatively you can click the course you'd like to take below to purchase and enrol straight away.








Live IOPO Exclusive Courses

You can join exclusive IOPO courses which offer a combination of live, online and in person events

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