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What can your IOPO Membership do for you?


Set yourself apart as a Professional Organiser backed by the IOPO. We have a range of memberships to suit every stage of your organising career.

No matter if you’ve just had that first spark of inspiration to become a Professional Organiser, or you’ve been in business for years, the IOPO membership plans are carefully designed to support your career and business goals.


Your IOPO journey to success




Membership Plans


Simply use the Membership Decider Tool to work out which Membership Plan is the best option for you, and compare the features and benefits here. With real connection, professional development, and an Advisory Board of respected industry experts, the IOPO is a place for you to belong, grow, and thrive.


  • All plans are annual, valid for 12 months from date of approval.
  • Eligible members can also upgrade or change their membership type during their 12-month term at a pro-rated fee.
  • Professional members have the option to pay for annual membership in 12 monthly instalments.



Membership fees


All new applicants are charged their Membership Fee and an application fee of $50. This is a one-time fee charged when applying for your new membership. After this, your renewal will be due by your anniversary date, and providing your membership fee is paid within the grace period (14 days).


All renewals must be paid by your anniversary date. All renewals after the grace period (14 days) will be treated as a new application and will therefore be required to pay the application fee.

 Please note that all Memberships are subject to The IOPO Membership Terms & Conditions of Sale



Professional Member  $490

You are ready to hit the ground running or already have a Professional Organising business. You want to take things to a new level with a recognised professional pathway and be part of supportive community.

As a Professional Member, you are:

  • giving your clients the trust and credibility they are looking for by abiding by the Code of Practice
  • protecting yourself and your clients by being adequately insured
  • searchable on the IOPO directory & Australasia's most visited site for clients searching to "Find an Organiser"
  • on track to career and business advancement via the IOPO Accreditation pathway

Please note: Adequate insurance cover is a pre-requisite for Professional Membership - a minimum of Public Liability is required; both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity is preferred. If you are not currently insured, you will have the opportunity to purchase the IOPO PL&PI Insurance policy while submitting your membership application. Read more about our bespoke Insurance Policy here.


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Provisional Member  $255

You're just starting the exciting journey to becoming a Professional Organiser. Perhaps, you don't even have a business name yet - no problem! 

As a Provisional Member, you are:

  • building your trust and reputation with clients as you begin
  • setting yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the people who have done what you are seeking to do
  • in a position to take advantage of on-the-job experience by connecting with Professional Members
  • connecting with resources and training to build your foundations for success

Because we have been where you are now, we understand the needs of individuals on this career-changing journey and are excited to provide the pathway that will enable you to thrive. 
Please note: There are no pre-requisites for joining as a Provisional Member apart from confirming your acceptance to abide by the Code of Practice for Professional Organisers.


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Associate Member  $155

You are an employee, contractor or partner of an existing Professional Member of the IOPO. 

As an Associate Member, you are:

  • providing clients with a continuity of service standards
  • receiving valuable connections with the PO community
  • tapping into the knowledge of the greater Organising community
  • connected to resources, training and a recognised career pathway

By becoming an Associate Member of the IOPO, you will be joining a community where people understand your working environment and contribute to your career development. 


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Sabbatical Member

You are a currently an IOPO Professional Member, having held this membership type for 2 or more years, and are pausing your PO business for personal or professional reasons.

As a Sabbatical Member, you are:

  • intending to retire but want to stay connected to the tribe, or
  • taking maternity or carers leave from your business, or simply taking an extended break, or
  • temporarily putting things on hold in your PO career but want to stay connected and accredited*. 

We understand the many challenges people in small business (especially women) face and want to keep you around. The IOPO Sabbatical Membership will help you stay in touch with your industry buddies, keep existing friendships, and allow you to still be a contributor to this great industry. 

*Accreditation status conditions apply; refer to the Accreditation conditions for full details. 



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