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Conference 2024

Brain Matters: Exploring Cognition & Creativity
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The IOPO Connection Room - All things Conference

Connection Room - Let's Talk!
An online Event for Members of The IOPO International Let's Talk: All things Conference

Wednesday 10th July, 6:30pm - 8:00pm AEST 




The Connection Room Focus

Let's Talk: Conference 2024 

Beverley Scheepers, Advisory Board Member will be hosting this discussion on all things to do with Conference. The Connection Room is a relaxed way to connect while discussing topics that grow and advance your business or career. 


About The Connection Room

Connect. Learn. Share.

Let's Talk: All things Conference 2024 6:30pm - 8:00pm AEST

There’s nothing like connecting with people who just get you, is there? A place to share with people who understand the types of challenges POs face. Learn from people in the know, enhance your business and career with a broad spectrum of views and experience.

Here's what the Connection Room includes:

  • A short introduction to the topic with some facts and sharing from experience on the topic.
  • Handy links to resources around the topic if you want to investigate or learn more.
  • An opportunity to share your goals and ask questions about goal setting in the group.
  • Open discussion on the topic, sharing experiences and resources amongst group.
  • We’ll be holding the Connection on Zoom Meeting, it’s just like a webinar. You can join by video from your computer, iPad or Smartphone to see who you’re talking with or simply dial in using your phone.

You don’t need a Zoom account or any log in details just the link which you’ll get when you register. We’ll provide helpful links with handy simple to follow videos for first time users.

Want to join us in the Connection Room? Great, just register.

We'll send you the Zoom meeting details once you register.

How to Use Zoom

How to Join a Zoom meeting via Windows & Mac from an email invitation. & Configuring your Audio & Video on Zoom
Watch a vide on how to join a meeting -

How to Join a Zoom meeting from your Smartphone


This is an IOPO Member-only event.

Members please ensure you sign in to your account so you can register.

10/07/2024 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Registration not available.
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